Quadcopter Build

These 3 ambitious students dedicated their afternoons twice a week to build a quadcopter from scratch. They 3D printed and assembled the chassis, figured out how to mount all the electronics and then calibrated and tested it for flight. They have a little bit of tweaking to go to have their drone flying around campus!

Testing and calibration of the quadcopter.

Attempting the first flight with some technical difficulties…


Creative Technologies Curriculum

I developed this curriculum in order to expose students to a variety of different ways they could engage creatively with technology, whether it be from an electronic, mechanical or programming perspective. Students were encouraged to create and practice with the technology while following their imagination, rather than making impact and practicality be the main focus.
Students that were interested in pursuing a small group or individual technology project were given time and space after school to work on it under my guidance. This is one of those projects.