Company Website: Outsource Institute of Technology

Project Overview

The client was seeking out a web developer to take over where their last contractor left off in building their new company website. Work on the site included:

  • i. Fixing UI alignments.
  • ii. Fixing the API calls made to the database to retrieve course data.
  • iii. Creating new pages to communicate the company's purpose.
  • iv. Deploying to a new server using Kubernetes and OpenLightSpeed.
  • v. Creating documentation using Wiki.js to provide instructions on how to update the site through the CMS.


This client required site fixes to be done after their previous contractor left them with the project unfinised. Work included UI and API call fixes as well as deployment on a new server.


Working with Waseem was seamless, and after years of paying and not receiving what we were paying for, I cannot thank Waseem enough for our amazing final product (which is actually LIVE!) and highly recommend him. Waseem met all of my expectations and had a lot of insights regarding web development which were truly appreciated and allowed us to have a finished product that was far more customer centric than originally planned. I personally found Waseem always responsive and willing to do what it took to get the job done right and in a timely manner. I particularly appreciated how Waseem project managed our website development, he introduced online tools where we could communicate with one another which removed any barriers with time zone differences and information sharing. Due to the efficiency that Waseem brought to the project with these online tools, I have since rolled out the same process with other marketing related projects. Thank you once again Waseem, I am so thrilled to have the final product actually LIVE after over 2 years of unsuccessful attempts with other designers!


Hayley Gorlitz-Wilson

Marketing Director / Trainer and Assessor

Outsource Institute of Technology