Company Website: The Blessed Black Seed

Project Overview

After using many different e-commerce platforms such as Ebay and Facebook Marketplace, the client was seeking to expand it's online presence with a dedicated e-commerce store. Looking at the options it was very important that a good initial base was formed so that future scale-ups would not be an issue. With this in mind a headless CMS would be a good modern option. Many of the modern e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify and BigCommerce provide REST and GraphQL APIs, so these were candidates as a headless CMS. At first WooCommerce was chosen, but in the end BigCommerce was chosen because of it's low monthly cost, lack of fees per product sold and it's active API development.

Work started on developing the front-end for the site that would make calls to the Woocommerce GraphQL API. Code for the development of the front-end can be seen here.

In the end, the client decided not go with the headless e-commerce option and instead settled for just using the BigCommerce platform with a bought UI template.


Having sold black seed oil on other platforms such as Ebay and Facebook Marketplace, the client decided to expand access to their products by creating an e-commerce store.