FLOSS contribution: Gather Town Bulk Changes Application

Project Overview

I was commissioned to help out with mass asset uploading for an online festival called Festival Theater der Welt: Our house is on fire!. There were about 30 maps that needed digital assets to be uploaded and placed. Doing this manually was tedious, so instead I wrote scripts that used the Gather http API to automate the process. I then decided to build a user-interface so that if others were in the same position, they could easily update map data in bulk without writing any scripts.


  • Edit map data using a form and update as you go.
  • Backup map data from Gather.Town servers to a JSON file.
  • Add your API key and multiple Space ID/Map ID configurations to the application (these are stored in your browser using the localStorage Web API).
  • Ability to upload data to the form from a backed up JSON file.
  • Upload local images to the gather town server and recieve image URLs to be used in form data.


User facing application using the HTTP Gather Town API that enables users to make changes to map data on their Gather.Town account.