SaaS Application Development: Onetool

Product Overview

Onetool is a software management platform that makes it easier for small & medium-sized businesses to manage their team's software usage and billing through one portal.

Partner SaaS companies are integrated into the platform using REST APIs (amoung other methods) according to Onetool's specification. More information can be found on their website.

Technical Specifications

The components that make up the tech-stack used for the development of this application are listed below:

  • Java programming language using Spring framework. This is used in the development of a backend microservice that the main application interfaces to using a REST API.
  • Selenium browser automation for web scraping SaaS data and performing CRUD operations.
  • PHP programming language using the MVC framework Codeigniter. This is used to interface with the database, render the view, make cURL calls to integrated partners and make other API calls to other services.
  • Javascript programming language using jQuery for DOM manipulation and AJAX calls.
  • Postman to manage CRUD calls to integrated partners' databases.
  • SQL to interface between the application and the database.
  • Git for version control using Gitlab.
  • Docker containers to aid in building, testing and deployment.
  • Bootstrap 4 JS/CSS UI library.


Responsible for development and maintenance of the onetool application platform. Also testing and integrating external partners into the application with the company's API specification.